Ventilation Grille Made from Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel AISI 316 | Indoor/Outdoor Air Vent Grate | Inox Ventilation Grille | Stainless Steel Air Diffuser.

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Air vent Grates  are commonly used to refresh the air from any room or space and to prevent the accumulation of moisture. It is made from Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel AISI 316. Due to its simplistic yet aesthetic appearance, it is widely preferred by architects, building and boat owners as a door, wall and boat ventilator.This  grille comes in a square size of 18 x 18 cm and in rectangular shape with dimensions of 18 x 25 cm and 32 x 18 cm. Designed to prevent any rainwater from getting inside. Stainless steel metal AISI 316, this ventilation grille is resistant to rust and salt oxides, which makes it suitable for marine applications.

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